IGCSE Biology - Genetic Modification Presentation

This is an animated PowerPoint presentation that covers section of 6.2 Genetic Modification of the Edexcel IGCSE Biology course.

The PowerPoint covers the following questions:

Can you describe the use of restriction enzymes and ligase enzymes?
How do plasmids and viruses act as vectors, which take up pieces of DNA, and then insert this recombinant DNA into other cells?
How can we manufacture large quantities of human insulin?
What is the potential for using genetically modified plants to improve food production e.g. pest resistance?
What does the term transgenic mean?

The PowerPoint is designed to directly address each relevant point in the syllabus. It is simple and straight to the point covering the topic in just the right amount of detail.

It's a fantastic resource for both teachers and students or a great tool for revision.

Many of the slides have animations in that will only work when viewed in slideshow mode, so please use that when working through the presentation.
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