VIDEO - Rapunzel´s exercise


Alena is a very fit, healthy and beautiful woman with super thick, ultra perfect floor length hair which is one-length.
Having this hair, with this quality at this length is extremely unique, and we very seldom see something, or someone, like this.

Fitness and exercising, as well as having a great diet is super important for having and growing very long hair.
It gives you the nutrients you need for growing longer, stronger, thicker and better hair.
Alena is a woman with a lot of dicipline and dedicaiton as well as she is always smiling.
She is a very happy and positive person, and she is one of those people who lights up RealRapunzels, and we are so proud of her!

However, exercising with such long hair is very hard, and it has to be in a bun or a braid, but in this special video, she is exercising for 10 minutes with her hair loose (!).
She does this so you can see which kinds of exercises that are available both without weights, and without having to tie your hair up, and without damaging it.
This is a very rare sight, as well as it is very beautiful.

This is a very special, rare super long hair - exercise video which is a must have for everyone!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.

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