ITM 501 Arnn Module3 Case Study


The computer world has grown at an exponential rate ever since its birth in the previous century.  Many people in the modern workforce have done their best to keep up with the constantly evolving hardware and software that is provided for private and business use.  Unfortunately, there have always been those seeking to take advantage of this new medium of technology.  As systems have grown more complex, so to have the technologies surrounding computer viruses, spy ware, and all kinds of malicious programs.  These threats to information technology quickly established the need for suitable defenses in the form of anti-virus software.  Over the years, it has been a constant uphill battle by the anti-virus software companies to provide products that are up-to-date and also highly capable of thwarting the infectious programs that seek to take advantage of computer users.  But is it fair to have to pay for virus protection?  After all, we do not personally pay a police officer every time they save our house from being robbed or pull over a wreckless driver.  Shouldn’t it be the right of every user of a computer system to experience a virus-free domain of cyberspace?  Can one company step up and offer a free product that will adequately protect us from this constant threat?
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