BLUE. #SERC Project File

Definitely my best, surpassed my lucid erc and i liked editing this more than any other edit ive ever done. hope you enjoyed it as much as i did, and tried to be as unique as possible and a lot more creative than my lucid erc, I've also learned a lot more things like how frame blending actually looks nice in certain places. A lot of people have criticized my flow and told me i have none so I hope this proves them wrong and yeah i said that in my lucid erc too but tbh there wasnt much flow in that compared to this. The new feeling in this edit would be using time remap and ive found that its way faster than twixtor which i use in my other edits. I think i've finally found a style imma stick to. I hope i win the erc or at least get an honourable mention cuz this took a lot of time and effort, but i still definitely don't think stand a chance with other people's edits but yeah i really hope you guys enjoyed this edit. Any criticism is appreciated as it will make me a better editor. Again thanks to Silver for hosting this rc as everybody gains a bit of exposure out of this. Also, a lot of people might say i copied rico with the cc and the song but tbh i tried my best to be as unique as possible, and i made the cc from scratch, it looks like just b&w but its a lot more trust. The song on the other hand i really liked, and if i like a song im gonna use it no matter what. thanks. Zayne, out.

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