SCI 163 Week 3 GameScape Reflection Questions

SCI 163 Week 3 GameScape Reflection Questions

Resources: Toolwire GameScape: Episode Three: Preventing and Treating Chronic Diseases.

Complete Episode Three “Preventing and Treating Chronic Diseases” of the Toolwire GameScape as an individual student, not with your UOP Learning Team (consider this as part of your research for the Week Five Learning Team assignment).

Submit the completed GameScape PDF assessment to your instructor, individually.
Copy your personal response to Reflection Summary Question #3 (in the GameScape assessment) and post it to your Learning Team folder. Your reflections in Summary Questions #1 and #2 will assist you in constructing your answer to Reflection Summary Question #3, but do not also need to be submitted to your Learning Team folder.

Collaborate with your team to create a master summary of the top three strategies for preventing each disease: cancer, diabetes, cardio-vascular disease based upon all of your reflection questions responses.
Save your master summary in your Learning Team folder. You will need these summaries for your final Learning Team Project.
Review the additional resources from the Center for Writing Excellence located on the Materials page for further support:

• Grammar Rules
• Writing style and mechanics
• Formatting Microsoft® Word documents
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