Servicing Hi-Fi Preamps and Amplifiers - 1957 & 1958 - Vintage

“Servicing Hi-Fi Preamps and Amplifiers” (1959, 162 pages). This book contains complete information on the circuitry, specifications and replacement parts for 1957-58 Preamps and Amplifiers. Data on the following brand names and models appears in this volume: Bell Sound 3DT (G) Bell Sound 2315 Challenger CHA33, CHA33Y David Bogen L60 David Bogen PR100A David Bogen ST-10, ST-10G Electro-Voice A15 Electro-Voice A20 Electro-Voice A30 Electro-Voice PC2 Fisher PR-6 Fisher 80-AZ Grommes 212 Grommes 221 Hamilton PMX-6 Harmon-Kardon A-1040 “Trend II” Knight 93SZ505, 93SZ737 Knight 93SZ645 Knight 93SZ655 Knight 93SZ682 Knight 94SX706 Madison Fielding OR-45 “Transamp” Newcomb CO-1010 Newcomb CO-1012 Newcomb CO-1020 Pilot AA-903B Scott (H.H.) 223 Sherwood S-1000-II Stromberg-Carlson AR-411 Stromberg-Carlson AR-419 The book was scanned and converted into this fully bookmarked digital book in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. In order to view this file you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. PLEASE CHECK OUT MY STORE FOR ADDITIONAL VINTAGE RADIO AND ELECTRONIC RELATED ITEMS
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