MTH 214 Week 2 Quiz

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 MTH 214 Week 2 Quiz


Please complete the week 2 quiz.

MTH 214 – Week 2 Quiz




How many planes are determined by four points, no three of which are collinear?


Determine how many diagonals a 20-gon has.


Two angles are complementary and the ratio of their measures is 7:2. What are their angle measures?


If two angles of a triangle are complementary, what is the measure of the third angle?


Find the measure of angle 1 in the figure at right.





If one interior angle of a parallelogram measures 120°, what are the measures of the other three interior angles?





Identify five shapes of containers that can be found in a grocery store.


If <ACB is a right angle as shown, and the other angles are as indicated in the figure, find x, the measure of <DCB.





If a pyramid has an octagon for a base, how many lateral faces does it have?





Explain whether or not a cylinder has to have a circular base.

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