Webcam Overlay

This is a Webcam Overlay, usualy for streamers on / or any other streaming platform. This is more of a "futuristic / abstract" design for a webcam, that uses "pipes" that connect to the webcam and the donation / subscribe pannels. 

After purchasing this you will receive a .rar file with : 

● Webcam overlay + Latest Donation  and Recent Subscriber
● Webcam overlay Only
● Latest Donation and Recent Subscriber TOGATHER
● ONLY Latest Donation
● ONLY Recent Subscriber
● PSD file where you can edit the colors and text or anything you desire.

In the ".rar" file you will find ONLY photoshop documents and PNG images, and the project is FULLY customizable :

● Color is changeable
● Text is editable
● You can edit ANYTHING you want :)

- By purchasing this you understand and agree that there might be other buyers that could use this logo.
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