It’s a new year, and alongside your resolutions and other new beginnings, it may be a good time to clean up your personal or business resume.

Maybe you're thinking about moving to a new industry, poking around the market for a new contract opportunity or looking for a complete career-change?

No matter the reason, having an updated resume with your skills, deliverables and accomplishments readily available and at your fingertips is always a good idea.

But most importantly? Your resume is your career brand.  It takes time and energy to put a human voice to that because it requires you to ask questions about who you are and want to be professionally, and what you want from your life and career.  Let us help you find the answers.

What's Included:

✔ A strategic review of your current resume (personal or business)
✔An editorial rewrite and update of your resume in our stylish, recruiter-approved resume format (personal or business)
✔ Suggested keyword placement specific to your brand, profile, jobsearch and/or industry
✔ Stop The Summary and Bump The Bullets - we'll modernize your resume according to where you are in your career (entry level, manager, executive or director)
✔ 2 full client review and content edits
✔ New resume delivered in Word and PDF for easy edits, updates and changes
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