BSHS 425 Week 4 Supervisory Roles & Theories of Motivation Paper

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BSHS 425 Week 4 Supervisory
Roles & Theories of Motivation Paper

Review objectives
from Week Four, notes from class, and “The Supervisory Process” in Ch.7 of Management of
Human Service Programs

Write a
1,050– to 1,400-word paper (3 or 4 pages) that presents how key elements of the
supervisory process are influenced by theories of motivation. Consider how this
information may be applied within the Learning Team’s dream organization.

  • Clarify the salient roles of the
    supervisor who draws from an empowerment approach to achieve
    organizational effectiveness.

  • Provide a brief overview of the
    theories of motivation presented in the textbook that will work best
    within the development of you dream organization.

  • Discuss why these strategies were
    selected. Specifically, what are the anticipated benefits? What are the
    anticipated challenges?

  • Identify how the principles of
    motivation will be applied within an empowerment environment.

  • Explain how motivation theory
    supports an organizational culture wherein clients play the role of
    collaborative, active participants in agency decision-making processes.

Format your report consistent with APA guidelines.

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