Adept's Clarity Edit AE Project File

Hey guys! 
A lot of you have been asking for me to put up one of my project files for one of my edits on my insta, so here you go!  
This is the file to my "clarity" edit that is one of my personal favorites. It requires Adobe After Effects CC 13 or higher as I made it in 2017. 
(Link to edit:

I am uploading this so that I can make some money to be able to purchase more plugins and assets to help make better edits and improve my vfx skills, so please refrain from giving this out to friends for free. It is quite cheap for the amount of time and effort that went into making it, so I really appreciate your support :) 
If you find out about anyone doing this, please let me know on insta ;)    

The file also requires the following plugins to be complete:
Magic Bullet Looks
Trapcode Particular and Shine
FL Glow and Out of Focus
Optical Flares

-The video and audio files will be MISSING. This is very common with project files, but just a disclaimer for those that don't know this.
-There will most likely be a missing font error, don't worry about it. I get it too after I had to reset my comp, it does not affect the file at all
-Some of the effects require some of my source footage to show up on a video, some of which I made myself, but it still shows how I made the effect, you just won't be able to copy+paste layers onto your own footage without some tweaking.

If you feel like you want some more in depth tutorials on any of the effects, dm me on insta. I will charge you, but I can show how I made them so you can apply them to your own edits if you can't figure it out from here :)

And as always, the price is set to pay what you want, so please consider donating just a little bit more. Every dollar counts :)
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