Boards are one of the most useful and creative - Expert Answers

Boards are one of the most useful and creative materials that teachers can provide for children to use. Adding the following items in the center will make the boards even more useful: 
A. primer and paints.
B. sawhorses, barrels, tires, and large boxes.
C. sand paper, nails, and hammers.
D. play cars, trucks, and people.
Miss O’Shea has three Spanish-speaking girls in her classroom. She has noticed that they like to play only with each other in the housekeeping center. Miss O’Shea should:
A. allow the girls to continue playing together.
B. encourage the girls to play with the other children in the class, as well as with each other.
C. insist that the girls play independently from each other to better their English.
D. insist that the girls speak only in English, like the other children
Cultural pluralism is synonymous with:
A. cultural diversity.
B. other-culture.
C. cultural awareness.
D. multiculturalism
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