solar theme (FULLY AUTOMATED) one of the best movies template in wordpress


Solartheme is one of the best movies templates in wordpress base design as neflix and flixanity allows you to easily create your own fully functional Movies and TV shows site in minutes with zero coding knowledge. Raison while you shoukd have this template.
1) FULLY AUTOMATED want to Create movies or series yourself from admin or maybe fetch them automatically and edit some details ? no problem, with solartheme you can edit every single visible movie/tv show with wordpress editor

1.1) Add multiple movies or series at once !

2) Movies / series suggestions whenever a user types more then 3 characters into search field. your website will display a dropdown under search filed for all movies/tv-shows related to the characters

3) Movie/ ACTOR/TV PAGES solar-theme's automatically (or manually) generated pages come with reviews trailers,ratings,images,cast,synopsis, genre..... and you can easily edit every single detail or add new information using wordpress editor.

4)EASLY INSTALATION AND SUPPORT we will provide you the full back up off the demo site and even get you started with some movies, news and trailer no need to register for any API keys if you don't want to!

5) ADD LINK What is good with solar-theme is that users can contribute by adding their own link or embed code to movie or tv shows that is already in the website according to their role assign by the admin.

6) Membership System email login or sign up systems, small user profil , what is good is admin can create all type of role he want from admin and decide which capacity to assign to the role i mean decide what the user is able to do or do not do .

7) Report Link user can report broken or fake link . 8) 100% Responsive Every page and detail including trailer popups is fully responsive and will adapt to any scree resolution.

9) Powerfull Dashboard with solar theme admin panel you can change the theme logo or assign multiple logo that will randomly assign, you can create and change user role , you can remove some capacity to user, you ban a user, add movie and tv by importing theme from TMDB.

10) Forum solar forum is available for user to discuss about movie and tv or make suggestion to administrator. admin can assign forum moderation to any register user.

11) Support our team will provide you a full support will using the solar theme Requirement - PHP 5.37 - HTML - CSS - Mcrypt php Extension - MySQL Database

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