Mindful Minute: Bell Ringers

In addition to an instructional video you get 25 slides designed to provide a mindful start to each class period, including engaging visuals and inspiring prompts for students to contemplate, journal, and/or discuss.

Prompts are designed for high school and high functioning middle schoolers to help them transition smoothly, clam down, focus, and get ready for whatever you have planned for the day. They also give you a window into the lives of your students, so you can quickly assess current as well as ongoing needs, as well as foster deeper more meaning connection in your classroom.

Supporting documents include PDF and Powerpoint (editable) files. 32 pages of contents, including 25 prompts grouped in to 5 categories including:
- Calm and Focus
- Famous Quotes
- Self-Awareness Check-ins
- Gratitude Practices
- Mindfulness Practices
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