Divine Order MP3

Divine Order 15 Minute Audio Subliminal MP3 Headphones Are Optional

Since the Universe operates in total perfection, never deviating from its laws, continually expressing its bountiful beauty, always orchestrating everything in perfect order without our help, then it makes sense that if we allow that same force to guide our lives we could also experience all of that beauty, abundance, and total perfection. And since the universe communicates with us through our heart’s desires, then it is basically like being inspired all the time.

If We Could Just Let Go Of Controlling The Out Come Of Cosmic Ordering Our Hearts Desire Would Be Fulfilled As In Bringing Forth Our Good. Just Listen- Reading The Text Is Optional. What This Video Does Is To Reprogram You Mind For Total Beautiful Expression In Accordance With The Highest Universal Operating Laws Divine Love- Divine Timing- Divine Order.

Voice Commands Used: I Now Let Go Of Worn-Out Conditions Things And Relationships Divine Order Is Established In My Mind Body And Affairs I Am Divinely Guided In All Situations And Decisions All Things Work Together For Good For Me Today I Am A Spiritual And Mental Magnet Attracting To Myself All Things Which Bless And Prosper Me I am Gratefully Receiving All The Good That Is Mine In Divine Order Now I Invoke Gods Power - Divine Timing - Divine Love In My Life And In All Of My Affairs That Which Is For My Highest Good Comes To Me Now And In My Clear Perception Of Truth, I Welcome It! I Command This Infinite Activity To Take Place Every Moment and Be The Sustaining Guard About Me That I Move Speak And Act Only In Divine Order The Inflow And Outflow Of Everything In My Life Is Established In Divine Order Thank You Thank You Thank You Whenever My Attention Wanders Away From That Which Is Good And Constructive I Will Immediately Bring It Back To The Contemplation Of That Which Is Lovely And Of Good Report
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