CIS333 Week 8 assignment

In response to an earlier report the CEO is determined to provide a secure networking environment to protect their clients and employees.  The information gathered will be used to determine what we can do to make sure we are protected against all common threats and harden our network against new, unknown threats.  For each of the threats we found we will need to find a strategy for dealing with the risk.  Next we will need to develop controls to help mitigate the risk.  To fight against risk we will also need to develop controls and strategies for known vulnerabilities on our network. 


            Malicious attacks can cause a network to come to a standstill and cause our clients to lose trust in our company, which is not an option.  Choosing a strategy for malicious attacks will depend on a few strategies that used together will help prevent our network from attack.  Our strategy will be a mix of physical and logical policies, reactive and proactive software, and hardware. 
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