Best Selling 3D LUT 2017
CINE VINTAGE LUT FOR SONY A6300/A6500/A7S/A7SII/A7R, Panasonic GH4, GH5 and every other camera.

Because a lot of you guys asked me on my Youtube Channel if I could make a LUT, here's my first one. It's almost exactly the style I use on my Photography ( but for your video footage.

The LUT can be used with all cameras and footage (Sony, Canon, Panasonic...) because it's more a Look than actually a LUT, so it will work fine with your Cinelike footage from your GH5 or even with Canon videos!
You can find a Video about how I use Cine4 in my shooting on the Sony a6300 on My Channel:

NOW WITH TWO BONUS LUTS! (contrasty & saturated)

Also just play around with the deeper settings in the Sony Picture Profiles. Sometimes I get great looking results by just adding minor tweaks.

This package contains a .cube file, works perfect in Premiere Pro.
Some customers had problems with using it in FCPX, but it should work also with a LUT Loader.

Remember: This is NOT a Log LUT! 

Hope you like it guys! 
Christian Maté Grab
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