User Interface Kit for UE4

Always updated forum post:

The User Interface Kit provides a great collection of widgets & UI
elements for your projects.
With great ease you can:
• Create awesome layouts using dozens of widgets or use the available premade layouts.
• Create custom windows using a generic widget enclosure which is
draggable, resizable & with optional tabs.
• Use a collection of custom made icons painted only for this kit.
• Explore a showcase level with use case examples for every widget.
• Learn from a well commented and documented code! You can benefit and learn from a great code base.

Widgets included:
• 3 Working minimaps with zoom capabilities, map capturing, ability to use your own maps, points of interest etc)
• 1 simple Compass
• 4 Working actionbars where you can bind anything you need! (Includes a nice code base and examples - drag & drop capabilities)
• Several health/mana/experience (&more) bars to make a game look great (Those will include horizontal bars and round/circular orbs. You can obviously choose whatever color you need)
• Two styles of generic window widgets that can enclose any content (like an inventory or a talent tree)

We will also include a collection of icons (256x256) as shown in the screenshots from many different item categories:
~40 Spell icons
~10 Modern weapon icons
~15 Sword/axe/armor etc icons
~A few generally used item icons (like coins, gold, rocks, wood etc)
~Several potions/consumables
~A few button icons (like achievements, character menu & more)