Ascending the Vale

Ascending the Vale

90 bpm

Harp, Choir, Flute, Percussion, Anyafil Horn

We've all been there... wandering through an impenetrable forest, half dead with 2 arrows sticking out of your leg. And yet we continue - because it is probably good for the narrative. Then hope! Oh thank the old gods and the new!! An unmapped settlement of woodland inhabitants takes you in and brings you back from the brink of certain death. You don't even care that it is a scurry of giant squirrels that came to the rescue, or that the healing soup they give you is largely acorn-based, and vomit-inducing.

Pastoral and beautiful. The download comes with a loop for if you never want the feeling to end.

This download includes the following files:

Ascending the Vale - Flute.wav

Ascending the Vale - Harp.wav

Ascending the Vale - Loop.wav

Ascending the Vale - Percussion 1.wav

Ascending the Vale - Percussion 2.wav

Ascending the Vale - Horn.wav

Ascending the Vale - Voice.wav

Ascending the Vale.wav

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ISRC: USUAN1600064
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