Titanic Disaster British National Archives Documents - Download

The files date from 1909 to 1925. This collection contains records from British government agencies including the Titanic Board of Enquiry, Board of Trade, Ministry of Transport, Treasury Solicitor, Public Trustee Office, Foreign Office, Cabinet Office, National Savings Committee and Post Office Law Officers' Department.

Document series include:

EXT 11/136 Loss of Titanic, Report of the Court of Inquiry into the Loss of the S.S. Titanic. Extracted from Public Record Office serial BT 13/50.

BT 334/52 Register of deceased passengers. Includes register for the Titanic disaster.

BT 334/53 - Register of deceased seamen. Includes details relating to the Titanic disaster.

BT 15/63 List of effects found on deceased crew members of the Titanic. Accounts of wages and effects. Includes correspondences regarding the collection of unpaid wages due to the estate of Titanic crew members who did not survivor the voyage.

MT 15/504 Blueprints of deck plans for the Olympic and Titanic.

MT 9/920/347A Titanic Wreck Enquiry. Stanley Lord's observations and the commission's conclusions on the position of the Californian at the time of the sinking of the Titanic, and Lord's conduct that night. Includes a hand written letter by Captain Stanley Lord regarding the night of the wreck of the Titanic. The file notes that Lord was required by his employee to resign and he was asking the Board to help put his conduct in a more favourable light to his employer and the general public. Stanley Lord was the captain of the ship SS Californian, which was in the vicinity of the RMS Titanic on the night of the wreck.

MT 9/4469 Enquiry regarding awards of money and medals to members of the Carpathia and details of awards to its captain, A.H. Rostron, for services rendered to survivors of the Titanic. RMS Carpathia was a Cunard Line passenger ship. At 4:00 AM on April 15, 1912, the Carpathia arrived at the scene of the sinking of the Titanic, after navigating through dangerous ice fields, and rescued 705 survivors from Titanic's lifeboats. Captain Rostron was knighted by King George V. United States President Taft presented Rostron with a Congressional Gold Medal at the White House, the highest honor the United States Congress could grant him.

TS 27/21 Compensation for dependants of Post Office Officers who died in the loss of SS Titanic.

T 1/11470 Payment of compensation to dependants of postal officers who were lost in the wreck of the Titanic.

T 1/11444 Public Trustee Office keeping of a record of expenses of the "Titanic Fund" by the Stationery Office.

FO 244/801 British Foreign Office correspondences with the German Embassy and Consulates regarding the Titanic disaster and international agreements that followed the disaster.

NSC 9/1016 National Savings Committee correspondences related to the administration of payment of widows' grants by the Daily Telegraph "Titanic Relief Fund."

CAB 41/33/46 April 16, 1912 memorandum of record from the Cabinet Office of British Prime Minister Herbert Henry Asquith, regarding The Titanic; Coal industry; Government of Ireland Bill; Committee to consider industrial unrest, particularly in transport and distributive trades; and the Welsh Church Bill.

CAB 41/33/47 April 25, 1912 memorandum of record from the Cabinet Office of British Prime Minister Herbert Henry Asquith, regarding The Titanic.

LO 3/410 Post Office Law Officers' Department opinions regarding the Workmen's Compensation Act 1906 and J.R.J. Smith and B Williamson, deceased servants of the Post Office lost on Titanic.

BT 100/249 Registry of Shipping and Seamen: Agreements and Crew Lists, Series III: for the ship Olympic. Covers the journey in March 1912 after which many of the crew of Olympic enlisted on the Titanic.

BT 100/156 Registry of Shipping and Seamen: Agreements and Crew Lists, Series III: for the ship Carpathia. Covers the journey in April 1912 when the Carpathia picked up the survivors of Titanic after it sank.
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