VIDEO - Wavy gold


Gold on blue. A perfect combination. So luxurious, so beautiful and so elegant!
Kateryna´s hair looks like gold, but is much more worth and much better!
Her hair shines perfectly and looks so good, and the contrast between her hair and the blue elegant dress she is wearing, is totally perfect!
This is a very luxurios video with Kateryna who does many sorts of hair play in this chair!
The chair is also a very rare and special luxury chair which fits perfectly with her and this video!
The seat of the chair can also be rotated for perfect hair play!

She starts off by brushing her hair while sitting in the chair, making it perfectly silky smooth and soft for the hair play session she is about to start.
When her hair is in her hands, it just slips and glides since it is so silky, and this is so wonderful to watch!
She slides her hair over the chair from different positions and angles multiple times to show you how perfect her hair is.
She is swinging and swaying her hair from side to side over and over again, rotating in the chair, covering the chair with her hair and even tying the hair to the chair, and much more that you don´t want to miss in this special, luxurios video with Kateryna, one of the best long hair models there is!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.

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