Saturday AM #50 (PREMIUM Edition)

Okay folks...SATURDAY AM TURNS 50!!
I don't want to even SPOIL what is in this issue except to say TWO THINGS TO LOOK FOR:
1. A nice surprise AFTER Whyt Manga's explosive issue 50 cover.
2. An expanded sneak peek at SATURDAY PM (our NEW, ADULT digital magazine anthology)!
Beyond that---well, there's not much to say except that we are so thankful for your support of our EXCLUSIVE, manga from around the world featuring diverse characters and diverse creators.
This mega-issue features ALL of our standard series:
Plus all-new ones such as the returning CLOCK STRIKER and the debut of NEO WORLD ZODIAC!
So, what are you waiting for?? The Saturday AM anime series?? 
Err--wait...umm..just read the issue!!
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