[Hip Hop Beat] barneys hiphop beat stems multi track

This package have all of audio tracks inside of my original track.
You can use this stems file as sample for your music works.
Please just write right to indicate one’s real name as Manhattan Semi-Basement or I-AHN JEONG
then Please send e-mail to us when if you distribution or publishing with links.
[email protected]

Tempo 114 | C Major | 24 Bit | 96 kHz

audio file list-

bass - 0002.wav

BRASS SECTION (R) - 0007.wav

closed HH (R) - 0014.wav

cowbell (R) - 0021.wav

crash (R) - 0025.wav

cymbal (R) - 0016.wav

E.P (R) - 0001.wav

KICK (R) - 0010.wav

LEAD (R) - 0005.wav

LEAD MW (R) - 0004.wav

low floow TOM (R) - 0024.wav

low TOM (R) - 0023.wav

open HH (R) - 0017.wav

PAD (R) - 0006.wav

pedal HH (R) - 0018.wav

ride bell (R) - 0019.wav

ride cym (R) - 0020.wav

sNARE (R) - 0012.wav

splash cym (R) - 0022.wav

strings (R) - 0009.wav

tambourine (R) - 0015.wav
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