A challenging impromptu telepathy effect, with a devious combination of principles. The spectator thinks of anything in the world and changes it to something completely different. They focus on a part of that « thing » and you guess it. At the end, you give your business card as a souvenir.

The methodology uses various principles and psychological subtleties, some well known nowadays (like dual reality, but with a twist), combined with new ones (Yin Yang, UPS, Picture, Zoom), or alternatives to classic ones (like instant stooging, equivoque, multiple outs or misdirection) but again, with something new.

All of these can be powerful weapons to add to your impromptu or improvised mentalism toolbox.

BONUS: A spectator thinks or selects ANY card (from a borrowed and shuffled Bicycle deck), and you guess it, while she looks at her card. The principle in play here, can be adapted to other decks, images, photographs, drawings, etc.