SOC313-Week 12 Discussion

In order to assess how becoming and being an activist can shape a person’s religious affiliation, I will analyze the pro-life movement and those involved in it. In Munson’s chapters about religion and its relationship with social movements, he highlights two key points that help us understand how these two are connected. The first is in terms of becoming an activist. To do this we can look at the idea of how one’s prior religious beliefs can spawn the desire to become part of a movement. Many Catholic and Protestant churches are pro-life simply by definitional practice. This means that many of their beliefs lead their followers to support pro-life decisions. While this is an underlying theme in these religions, Munson argues that the role of church in the pro-life is not entirely straightforward, and very rarely do they actually participate, fund or completely support the pro-life movement. Still however, these themes often inspire people to become activists based on these beliefs they feel strongly about. On the other side, I also believe that being an activist can shape a person’s religious affiliation, beliefs, behavior or
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