FP101 Week 5 Must Have Documents Worksheet

Must Have Documents Reflection Paper
There is no PFP assignment this week. Instead, you will create your own must-have documents. As Suze explained in her videos, these assets are vital to your and your loved ones’ financial future—and they are free!
Click the Must Have Documents link located on the student website. After acknowledging that this link will take you away from eCampus, this link will redirect you to Suze’s Must Have Documents website, where you will be able to access the Must Have Documents program at no additional cost.
Create your own personal account on the site following the online instructions.
• Keep your username and password handy so that you can return to and use the site when the course is complete.
• While you are actively participating in the course, you will be able to access the Must Have Document program via the link located on the student website.
Note. Any information you provide on Suze’s website is kept strictly confidential.
Create the four must-have documents by following the instructions provided in the Must Have Documents program:
• Will
• Living revocable trust
• Advanced directive
• Durable power of attorney for health care
Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Must-Have Documents Worksheet located on the student website.
Submit your Personal Financial Portfolio in the Assignments section of your student website.
Note. You are not required to submit the documents themselves, only the worksheet.
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