5 CINEMATIC LUTs for Sony A7s // Cine 4 // S-Gamut (INNSBRUCK)

5 CINEMATIC LUTs for Sony A7s Cine 4 (INNSBRUCK)  After my recent trip to Innsbruck in Austria, I captured some lovely footage. I have been working on these LUTs for the last 5 months. I decided to name this pack after the city due to its bold colours and respect to its history.    These LUTs are the same with bold colours crossed with the traditional faded look of an age past.    THIS CREATES A TRULY UNIQUE LOOK FOR YOUR CINE 4 FOOTAGE   There are some great LUTs for the Sony A7s. However, most of them are designed to work with the S-Log2 picture profile. For most though the limitations of S-Log in regards to it's high base ISO are not worth it.   Any questions before or after purchase feel free to get in touch.   Many thanks,   Crispin Hutton