3 small programming questions Solution

1 : Write the header file Car.h for the Car class. The Car class has three data members: miles_per_gallon (double), fuel (double), and model (string). The Car class has a constructor that initializes each data member. The Car class has four additional member functions: get_model : no parameters, returns model drive : double miles parameter, returns nothing add_fuel : double gallons parameter, returns nothing low_on_fuel : no parameters, returns true or false Do not provide the implementation of the member functions. 2: Write the source code file Square.cpp . Include necessary header files and implementation of each member function of the following Square class. class Square { public: Square(double initial_length, string initial_color); doubleget_length() const; stringget_color() const; doubleget_area() const; private: double length; string color; }; The area of a square is length x length. 3: Write a void function named sort2 that takes two string parameters and sorts them. The function swaps the values of the string parameters if the 1st string is lexicographically greater than the 2nd string and otherwise leaves the strings unchanged. For example: string s1 = "Orange"; string s2 = "Apple"; sort2(s1, s2); // now s1 is “Apple" and s2 is "orange"