NTC 409 Week 4 Individual Local Area Network (LAN) Design Considerations

NTC 409 Week 4 Individual Local Area Network (LAN) Design Considerations

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NTC 409 Week 4 Individual Local Area Network (LAN) Design Considerations

Complete the following modules in the Pluralsight course, "Network Architecture for CompTIA Network+ (N10-006)":

Understanding WAN Technologies

Installing and Terminating Network Cables and Connectors

Differentiating Between Common Network Infrastructures

Implementing a Network Addressing Scheme

Understanding Routing Concepts and Protocols

Introducing Unified Communications Technologies

Comparing Cloud and Virtualization Technologies

Review the following module in the Pluralsight course "Network Architecture for CompTIA Network+ (N10-006)":

Implementing a Basic Network

Background: Hugh Generic of Generic Financial Services has hired XYZ Systems Consulting to help with the LAN design of two offices. Mary Prince of XYZ Systems Consulting met with Hugh Generic and a transcript of their conversation can be found in the student download section on the right within the XYZ Systems Consulting folder.


To gain additional insight on how to analyze network needs and possible vulnerabilities, download and use NMap which also contains Zenmap GUI as the graphical interface to show scan results. NMap is a free open source tool used to gain additional information on how to review network traffic and determine additional hosts, operating systems being used, scan ports, and application versions used on a network. The instructions for use can be downloaded using the link under the materials section on the right. Be sure to follow these instructions and then review the types of information provided.


Determine how use of this tool can be used to make decisions and provide the modification needed for this LAN Design project.

Prepare a LAN design using Visio® for service request SR-mf-005 & SR-mf-007.

Name your project "005_LastName_FirstInitial" and choose Create an Empty Scenario.

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