NSCI 281 Week 1 Anatomy & Physiology Revealed Worksheets

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NSCI 281 Week 1 Anatomy &
Physiology Revealed Worksheets

Resources: University of Phoenix Material: The
Cardiovascular System Animations; APR eBook; the NSCI/281 Companion Site
located on the student website.

Complete the following Anatomy
& Physiology Revealed
® 3.0 (APR) workbook exercises and animations. Download the
workbook pages to make it easier to follow; alternatively, toggle back and
forth with the Alt + Tab keys as you view the APRimages.

  • Access the
    NSCI/281 Companion Site.

  • View the
    following animations from Ch. 9: The Cardiovascular System:

    • Hemopoiesis

    • Hemoglobin Breakdown

  • Answer the
    questions on pp. 576–577 of the APR workbook. Transfer answers to the
    University of Phoenix Materials: Animations: The Cardiovascular System
    document provided on the student website.

    • Submit completed worksheets to the faculty member.

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