The assignment attempts to test students

The assignment attempts to test students

The assignment attempts to test students’ understanding on LO1, LO2, LO3 and LO4. It is also designed to test and enhance your critical thinking skills.

1)     This assignment can be done in a group not exceeding 4 members. 

2)     The printed-out assignment must be submitted latest by the stated deadline. 

3)     Be sure to include the Assignment Cover Sheet which has been signed by you. A penalty of 10% will apply for each day thereafter unless an extension of time has been granted by your lecturer before the due date. 

4)     The assignment must be typed written in a report format. Handwritten or soft copy assignment is not acceptable. There is no restriction on the number of pages, font type, font size etc. You may include relevant Excel tables, graphs and charts if necessary. The quality of report presentation should be worthy of submission to your employer or project manager. Some marks will be deducted for submitting a sloppy report. 

5)     Take note that interpretation of the statistical findings is evaluated heavier than the computation itself! 

6)     Be reminded that plagiarism is a serious offense. Any assignment that has been plagiarized from the Internet or from the other classmates will receive ZERO marks! 

Fitness Sports Equipment

Teddy and Bear Fitness have been approached by several local racquetball players, each of whom would like to be sponsored by Fitness Sports Equipment during regional tournaments to be held during the next calendar year. Inthe past, Bear has resisted the sponsorship possibility. His philosophy has been, "Our racquets are the best in the business. If they're smart, they'll use a Fitness racquet; and if we're smart, we won't give it to them for free."  It wasn't easy, but Teddy finally convinced Bear of the benefits to be gained by exposing racquet club members and tournament spectators to high-caliber players who rely on Fitness racquets and related sports equipment. 

According to Teddy, this exposure is easily worth a few racquets, a couple of pairs of court shoes, and a half-dozen "Fitness Power" T-shirts. The Fitness compromises between Bear's original idea of sponsoring nobody and Teddy's proposal to sponsor at least three players. Their eventual selection is Dyson Wolf, an outstanding young player who finished third in the regional championship tournament last year. Dyson and the Fitness’s have reached agreement on all of the details of the sponsorship arrangement but must decide on which combination of racquet and string would be best. 

Dyson is a power player who relies heavily on the speed of his serves and return shots. The Fitness line currently includes four "power" racquets, each of which can be strung with one of three types of string most often used by strong hitters like Dyson. Ted sets up a test in which Dyson will hit two "power serves" with each combination of racquet and string. The 24 serves will be made in a random order, and each will be clocked with a radar gun. Besides helping Dyson select the combination he likes best, the test will also help the Fitness’s study what Teddy has referred to as the "main" and "interactive" effects of the racquets and strings. 

The data from the test are shown here and are provided in file FITNESS. From these data (in mph), which combination of racquet and string would you recommend that Dyson use? Also, employ the appropriate ANOVA procedure in helping Teddy respond to Bear's statement that "the racquets are all the same, the strings are all the same, and it doesn't matter which string goes into which racquet." 

For several years, Fitness Sports Equipment has been a minority stockholder in the Chilly Ski Mountain Resort. The Fitness’s visit the Chilly Ski Mountain Resort several times each winter to meet with management and find out how business is going. In addition, the visits give them a chance for informal discussions with customers and potential customers of Fitness ski clothing and equipment. Bear claims that many good product ideas have been inspired by a warm drink in the Chilly Ski Mountain Resort lodge. 

On their current visit, Teddy and Bear are asked by the Chilly Ski Mountain Resort management to lend a hand in analyzing some data that might help in predicting how many customers to expect on any given day. Overall business has been rather steady over the past several years, but the daily customer count seems to have ups and downs. The people at Chilly Ski Mountain Resort are curious as to what factors might be causing the seemingly random levels of patronage from one day to the next.

In response to Teddy's request, management supplies data for a random sample of 30 days over the past two seasons. The information includes the number of skiers, the high temperature (degrees Fahrenheit), the number of inches of snow on the ground at noon, and whether the day fell on a weekend (1 = weekend, 0 = weekday). Data are shown below and are also in file THORN16. 

using multiple regression and correlation analysis, do you think this information appears to be helpful in explaining the level of daily patronage at Chilly Ski Mountain Resort? Help Teddy in interpreting the associated computer printout for an upcoming presentation to the Chilly Ski Mountain Resort management.
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