CJA 474 Week 4 DQ 2

Politics whether we like it or not have a huge role in criminal justice organizations. I’ve mentioned it in many different posts and will continue to do so until I find some sense of closure but a friend of mine was arrested for a fictional video that he created and sold to a production company. The show is called Rawr Kids. It was election time in his area he was arrested at work, interrogated, taken to jail, fired from his job where he had worked for nearly six years, and was convicted of a misdemeanor which was a smaller than the original felony they tried to charge him with. They knew his work was fiction but they said that they couldn’t dismiss the charges because they were afraid the ‘public’ would be outraged. The problem with this that the public WAS outraged but only because of what they did to him. (Read about it here, it still disgusts me
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