Vibrant Strong Photoshop Color Correction Pack

This pack has 20 vibrant and strong color corrections, these CCs vary from a strong natural look to a single color enhancer and washes. These are great for tranforming your photographs and art peices into completley different looks. You can alter the appearances of the color corrections by chaning the opacity and blending modes to mix and create your own filters. These can be used for personal or commercial use.

Opening/Extracting .ZIP or .RAR Files on PC

You will need to download and install a free program called Winrar:

Once you have installed winrar simply right click on any .rar or .zip file and select "Extract to FileName/"

It will create a folder with the name of the file extracted, inside will be the files included in the pack

Opening/Extracting .ZIP or .RAR Files on Mac

There are numerous free apps that can be used to extract files on a Mac, i prefer RAR Extractor Free: which can be found in the app store

Once installed you can right click the file and select "open with" and select the recently installed app.

This will open and ask you to choose where you wish to have the file extracted to, select a location and extract. You can select the program as being the default selection so you can simply double click/open future files to extract them.

The pack and files included remain property of myself, the creator and owner.
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