the idk pack - a drum kit by nohidea

nohidea & ploom labs present : 'the idk pack'.

hey! thanks for stopping by!

i go by nohidea.
this is my sample pack

i've painstakingly crafted and curated all of the sounds found within this pack over the course of the past 8 months.

i'm an audio engineer by trade, so making samples and weird sounds is kind of what i do.

since the very beginning of nohidea, i had wanted to create a 'signature' sound of my own, in the realms of this weird internet genre called 'lofi hip hop'. i created this sample pack before even releasing the very first song 'why'. i had begun adding more and more sounds into it as time went on, to allow me to have a bank of my own sounds to choose from.

therefore, i am releasing this pack as a stand against myself to allow you access to most (if not all) of the sounds I have ever used.

i wanted to do something different with the release of this pack - instead of a demo track, how about my entire discography as a 'demo'? how about 70 + demo tracks...

initially, i wasn't going to release this pack ever. but i figured i'd be doing the lo-fi community an injustice by not doing so, as i've had so many people approaching me asking where i get my sounds from.

within this kit, you will find :

- 15 one shots
- 30 percs
- 41 fx shots
- 18 foley samples
- 4 cymbals
- 18 hi hats
- 15 kicks
- 26 snares
- 27 loops (percussive and musical)
- 11 claps/snaps

thank you all for everything you have done for me up to this point.
this is for you <3
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