ENG 215-Persuasive Paper Part 2- Solution and Advantages

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) implementation was one of the first actions the United States took to protect its homeland against the terrorist attacks. Its main goal was to provide safe travel to people as well as businesses. The implementation came quickly after the 9/11 terrorist attack, and with very short time to implement and regulate such departments.Lawmakers went above and beyond to ensure that it would be impossible to breach such security system.  The rules were strict, and focused on the security more than anything else, starting by security checkpoints, and ending at body and baggage’s screening. Security however came with a big price tag which was Freedom and additional financial expense. Americans felt as if they no longer have the privacy and freedom they fought for in their country. It wasn’t quick before the frustration started filling the security lines at airports and cruise ports, and the travel experience changed dramatically. So should such regulation be looked at? Should it be more customers friendly without jeopardizing public safety?  The regulation has been firm for over eleven years should be revised to help improve the process. In this essay, I will discuss the TSA regulation, as well as the problems it create in our country. I will further present a solution to the TSA issues, and discuss its advantages.
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