Luxurious Graphics Pack!

Info: In my 'Luxurious' pack I include the most luxurious and exclusive resources. I wanted to create a pack that was a resonable size (300MB+), so the pack was fast and efficient to use. In my opinion, it's the only pack you need and comes at a great price of £1. However, the pack doesn't compare to my latest '20K Graphics Pack' which you can purchase on my store.

What's Included?: To see what's included in the pack please watch the showcase video or view the 2nd image above.

Note: By purchasing this item, you understand that this is an electronic item, and will not be refundable in any way. The purchaser understands that his or her email is correctly linked to the PayPal used for the payment. You WILL NEED to download WinRar to extract the pack, it can be downloaded here:
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