Christmas Rap

Drums, Synth, Chimes, Sleigh Bells

I was commissioned to do some music for the play "Twas The Night Before Christmas" by Ken Ludwig. The mp3 download here is the main holiday-themed rap from near the end of the play. The uncompressed download comes with that as well as the Girl/Mouse rap from earlier in the play - which you can hear on Soundcloud as "La Souris". The full download also has the exciting fanfare intros to the holiday rap.

It includes the main track as well as several individual parts so you can make your own mixes.

Christmas Rap - Bells.wav
Christmas Rap - Chimes.wav
Christmas Rap - Drums.wav
Christmas Rap - Melody.wav
Christmas Rap - Short Mix.wav
Christmas Rap with Fanfare - Faster.wav
Christmas Rap with Fanfare.wav
Christmas Rap.wav
Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0.pdf
La Souris - Bells.wav
La Souris - Chimes.wav
La Souris - Drums.wav
La Souris - Slower Practice Mix.wav
La Souris Full Mix.wav
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