Katie's Bob Haircut and Highlights - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Katie would like some highlights and a bob haircut. After Katie is caped, a neck strip put around her neck, and her hair brushed out, Katie chooses a bob hairstyle from a photo on the salon ceiling. Her long hair is chopped off with an Oster 76 clippers, to make the highlighting with a plastic cap easier. Once the highlights have processed, Katie reclines her head back onto the 1940's shampoo tray. The cap is slowly removed to avoid the painful pulling, and her hair is washed. The hair is then combed out, sectioned, and a razor is used to shape the bob and bangs. A scissors is also used as well. Once the haircut is finished, Katie's hair is blow dried, and she stands up to show us her new look. Duration 61, screen size: 720x48, format .wmv
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