Demonseed Tales #3 - Hi Res Edition

Demonseed Tales #3 is a comic not for the kiddies (as if we print such things) and by popular demand… an episode of sex, sex, sex! Chico and Deion get it on at home, in a secluded alley, and.. in flight! Just a fun romp with loads of M/F intercourse and, naturally… tummy expansion to the max!

Demonseed Tales is a monthly installment of extra-erotic Demonseed stories in a shorter-but-sexier page format! Featuring off-the-main-storyline tales and one-shot what-if type stories featuring all the sexy Demonseed content you’ve come to love!

20 pages, black & white JPEGs, hi-res printable format
Adults only!

*Due to the digital nature of this product and the risks of piracy with its subject matter, all sales are final. Contact us if delivery issues or download errors occur.
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