Saturday AM #66 (FREE ISSUE)

Saturday AM #66 (FREE ISSUE)

Saturday AM #66 is the kick off to our #summerofmanga!

Not only is it an extraordinary accomplishment for our long-running DIVERSE SHONEN MANGA ANTHOLOGY to have made it this long but it's a packed issue with big time content!

In this issue a return of some of our biggest EXCLUSIVE comics:

SOUL BEAT. The most popular global manga sensation from YOUTUBE star Whyt Manga continues with a glorious cover that showcases his extraordinary skills and growing cast.

SAIGAMI. One of our original series, Andrea Voros' extremely popular fantasy title merges SHONEN and SHOJO in a colorful and action-packed adventure.

PARADISE DOWN. One of our fastest-growing manga featuring super-powered thieves.

CLOCK STRIKER. Shonen manga's first BLACK FEMALE lead hero is back! Check out why this series is easily one of Saturday AM's most popular.

And let's recap the FINAL round of our INCREDIBLY POPULAR ART CONTEST -- March ART Madness! This event gave an Apple iPad Pro to one artist who is the ULTIMATE FAN ARTIST.

So, stop hanging around and get ready for Saturday AM because this issue iS FREE!!!
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