MTH 213 Week 3 Teaching Alternate Algorithms

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 MTH 213 Week 3 Teaching Alternate Algorithms

Create a PowerPoint presentation with at least 15 slides, that teaches students how to add 2+ digit numbers, subtract 2+ digit numbers, multiply 2+ digit numbers, and divide 2+ digit numbers using alternate algorithms.


Provide clear instructions on each method and include examples for students to follow along.


Include speaker’s notes where necessary (it is best to show minimum amount of information on each slide for students, but you can include detailed descriptions in the notes section).


Include the use of transitions for information on the slides as well as between each slide; transitions make the presentation look more professional. It also helps to not give away the answer as you are teaching these concepts to your students. By limiting the amount of information on the slide, you (and the students) can focus on one part of the process at a time.


Use correct mathematical symbols within the presentation by using equation editor or a similar program.


Use APA formatting for a title slide as well as a reference slide. Be sure to include all references for any information you used that is not your own (including the textbook, websites, or other teachers).
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