Select one theory of psychotherapy from below

Select one theory of psychotherapy from below:CBT
Family Systems
Postmodern approach (Narrative Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy)-Describe, analyze, and then apply the theory to the “case study of Margarita”. (To be attached or copied as a resource underneath)
-Choose one other theory and integrate concepts with the original theory to use with the “case study of Margarita”.INCLUDE in 6-9 APA formatted pages not including reference page or title page, with at east 6 APA formatted referencesTheoretical Analysis Portion:-Brief description of the theory's origin (background, how was it developed, who created it) and basic philosophies (its view of human nature, theory of change, view of psychopathology, the role of the counselor).
-How this theory aligns with your own philosophy, values, and views of the therapeutic process.
-An evaluation of the research evidence supporting this theory, with an example of a current study.
-The appropriateness of this theory for diverse populations.Theoretical Application Portion:-Goals you will work on with Margarita (make sure the goals align with the chosen therapeutic approach).
-Interventions and techniques you will use with Margarita, based on your theoretically established goals. Be very specific. Assume that you will have up to three sessions with her.
-Cultural considerations you will keep in mind while using this therapeutic approach with Margarita.
-Strengths and limitations of using this theory with Margarita.
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