11.11 twin flame portal

11.11 twin flame portal

Dearest Beloved,

Thank you so much for answering the powerful call to gather on the a11.11 twin flame portal date at 4.44pm Uk time. This is such an important moment for us all to gather, to harness the light waves/ gamma rays that are pouring into Gaia at the moment.

The live transmission will take place in a closed group on facebook on that date, however if you are not on Facebook, please email me at [email protected], to let me know, and I will send out the recording as soon as the file is downloaded.

Here is the link to the closed group where the transmission will take place, Please add yourself to the group as soon as you receive this email..


I will go live in this group via facebook live at 4.44 pm uk time on

It is your responsibility to add yourself to the group,

The transmission will have a ceremonial flavor, and I suggest wearing white and creating an altar space in the place you will be receiving the transmission.

The 11.11 portal is extremely potent this year, and please know that taking part in ceremonies like this can be very transforming for your emotional and energetic system, and it is advised that u ensure you can rest after the ceremony. Please ensure you drink lots of spring water, which enables the energy to flow unencumbered throughout all your subtle bodies.

Again...here is the link to add yourself to the facebook group where the transmission will take place on the 11.11.17 at 4.44pm pm Uk time


This transmission is taking place in the samhain group, but please do not make this public knowledge until the time of the transmission on the 11.11.17

It is your responsibility to add yourself to the group dear ones


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