fall prevention

Examine fall prevention in current nursing practice and the evidence it is based.
1. discuss current best practice guidelines
2. support it with the research evidence
- sub headings may be used where appropriate
- also look at Australia best guidelines
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Mar 31 2014 05:27 PM
Dear writers,

We will greatly appreciate your help with this order. We would ask you to revise the paper according to the following comments from the client:

"No evidence here its meant to be evidenced based, nothing here that is evidence or examples. Its just repetition. Anything else you can recommend?

this is exactly how i described it on the order. There are 3 journals, I think only 2 are of use, journal of safety research, and The outcomes from the implementation. Also please include 3 web pages. www.cec.health.nsw.gov.au/programs/falls-prevention
www.cec.health.nsw.gov.au/programs http://www.safetyandquality.gov.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Guidelines-HOSP1.pdf
I only need one of the web pages from CEC does not mater which one."
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