VIP Membership Starter Pack!!

Hello Thank you for being interested in AriaAuroras VIP Program.PLEASE READ CAREFULL THIS VIP RULES!!!

-Your VIP Subvription will last 1Year(12 months) Costs 40$
-You will get Resell Right on Your VIP Files
-You will get 20% of my files,the 20% Discount DOAS NOT APPLY ON FILES WHAT ARE ALREDY DISCOUNTED!!
-You will recive every Month a VIP file Gift
Gift can Contain:
clothing files,clothing bundles,room or furniture textures,meshes,textures for sample:shoes,tops,bottoms,skirts,ect..
-You will get a Starter VIP pack with 11 Clothing Files (8 of them are Bundles) and 3 Room Meshes.
-After 1 year if you want Renew your VIP Subcription it will be only20$,unless you are a New Costumer
then full price Applys.
-If you wants Master Resell on VIP Files that will be Extra!!
-As a VIP member in order to recive Gifts Every Month you MUST be Active as my Files Buyer,
That means you Must Spend at Least 5$ every 2 Months to Recive Gifts!
-You can use Files on Alt Account.
-Of Course in Order to get your 20% Discount you will need send me message of Witch files you wuld like
so i can give you Discount Price or i will make on those files a Special Discount Code!!
-You will Need to Send Me after Buying VIP Program,Email and IMVU avatar name.
-Please Contact me on: facebbok,Sellfy or IMVU:

-No sharing, giving for free, or claiming the file as your own.
-No Refunds on files.
-Monthly VIP Files can be sent at anytime of the month that the file is due.
-Please don't message and pressure me on VIP files, I do have a real life that comes first
-They will be sent out when I'm able to get them out.
-You need keep your Files Save I am not Obligated resend them if you lost them.of course i will help if i can..
I have the rights to change the VIP rules if need be.

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