MTH 219 Week 2 MyMathLab Study Plan for Week 2 Checkpoint

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MTH 219 Week 2 MyMathLab® Study Plan for Week 2 Checkpoint  

6.2-3 Solve application problems.

6.2-2 Factor trinomials of the form x^2+bx+c.

6.1-5 Factor by grouping.

6.1-4 Factor out the negative greatest common factor of a polynomial.

6.1-2 Find the greatest common factor.

5.2-5 Multiply monomials.

5.1-7 Solve application problems.

5.1-4 Subtract polynomials.

3.3-4 Draw lines with given slopes.

3.3-2 Compute a line’s slope.

3.2-6 Graph horizontal or vertical lines.

3.2-4 Graph a linear equation in two variables using intercepts.

3.2-3 Find the intercepts of an equation.

3.2-2 Use a graph to identify intercepts.

3.2-5 Write a linear equation using a graph.
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