Royal Funeral Program Publisher Word Template - 4 Pages

Royal Funeral Program Publisher Word Template - 4 Pages is for a modern commemorative or home going service. It’s gold decals and text style laid over a deep purple background will honor and dignify your loved ones. A purple background with Gold decor is used in the funeral program design. Use it to commemorate a loved one and dignify them as you send them off. Can be edited for other events like weddings and receptions.

This template is a Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Word template designed by Godserv to be edited with Microsoft Publisher 7 and higher or Microsoft Word. Once you have downloaded this template, use Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word to make edits.

- 1– 11”x8.5” Royal Funeral Program Publisher Template - 4 Pages
- 1– 11”x8.5” Royal Funeral Program Word Template - 4 Pages

Royal Funeral Service Program Publisher and Word Template - 8 Pages

- Number of Pages: 4
- Print Size: 11.25”×8.75”
- Cut Size: 11”×8.5”
- Fold Size: 5.5”×8.5”
- CMYK/300 Dpi (When Save for Commercial Printing)
- Print Ready
- Application Requirement: **Microsoft Publisher 7+ or Microsoft Word**

- Crimson:
- OptimusPrinceps:
- Allura:

- You can print this program on 100lb White text paper. This is a coated stock and will be glossy.
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