Mastering Ankle Locks - 60fps Chapters in ZIP Folder

A comprehensive method to learning tournament ready ankle locks from Pan-Am SAMBO champion and BJJ black belt Reilly Bodycomb, complete with his own competition examples and many more from other team Rdojo members.

1) Understand the three ways defenders attempt to stand up, and how to take advantage of them.
2) Learn how to attack from the outside / low side position legal in IBJJF tournaments.
3) Develop functional reaping ankle locks for NAGA and other grappling rule sets.
4) Decode the inside or "cross body" ankle lock position.
5) Build a counter game for when your opponent succeeds at standing during your attack.
6) Learn how to attack the turtle with sneaky inside ankle locks.
7) Breakdown the intracies of ankle lock "races" and how to win them.
8) Build a stable platform for defense and escape.

FORMAT:  Eighteen MP4 videos in a Zip file
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