Database Support to Data Mining Software.DOCX

Database Support to Data Mining Software

There are many products that can be sources of data for data mining. For this assessment, become familiar with specific software and systems available to support data mining.

Complete the following:

Using the Capella Library and the Internet, identify 2–3 software packages or systems that are among the leaders in each of the following categories:

  • Data warehouses.

  • Data marts.

  • Online analytical processing (OLAP) systems.

For each package or system, analyze the relative strengths and weaknesses of the following categories:

  • Vendor.

  • Cost (to the extent this is available).

  • Environment in which it runs.

  • Customer application examples (generally, vendors of these types of software packages will cite customer examples on their Web sites).

Explain when you would use each of these software packages or systems for decision support. Provide a clear rationale.
Present the results of your analyses in a concise and compelling manner, using effective communication and appropriate business terms.
Include an APA reference citation for each resource from which you draw information.
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