Fifty Shades of Grace

Within these pages, I was as vulnerable as I could be while writing, sharing my mistakes and insecureties along my journey from religious, perfectionistic and miserable to happy and grounded in the love of God. Why Fifty Shades of Grace? A twist on the title of a very controversial book and movie, the title screams, “Scandal!” More than just amazing, God’s grace is scandalous. His love is promiscuous. It will set you free from the bondage of perfectionism, condemnation, feelings of inadequacy and religion. I believe that God wants us to be happy! The only way we will get there is through His grace. This is a revelation of grace in a conversational, down to earth way that you have never heard before!

"Whether you're worn out on religion or you've never been to church before, the truth within Fifty Shades of Grace will introduce you to a loving God who's gift of grace will amaze you and radically transform your life for the better." -- Fred Hammond, Grammy, Dove, Stellar-Award Winner

"Fifty Shades of Grace articulately explains the powerful truth of God’s extravagant love for humanity. Read this book only if you are prepared to see your chains of self-righteousness or self-loathing melted into an ocean of forgiveness and divine favor." -- Bishop Richard & Lady Adele Johnson, Senior Pastors of Destiny Family Christian Center
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